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Illuminati Entertainment Launches With A Focus On Comics And Game Properties

Illuminati Entertainment, a new management and production company focusing on clients with backgrounds in comic books and video games, has been founded by producer Ford Lytle Gilmore, former vice president of development at Goodman/Rosen Productions. In addition to representing its roster of clients and their properties, the company's mandate is to build new brands and franchises that can crossover into comics, games and toys. Collectively, Illuminati's writers and artists have worked for every major comic book publisher and a myriad of game and toy companies, including Mattel, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Sony Computer Entertainment, Activision and Toy Biz. Talent signed to Illuminati includes Dave Johnson, Phil Noto, Howard Chaykin, J.G. Jones, Tomm Coker and Steve Lieber. For more information about Illuminati and its roster, visit