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Iger Talks About Pixar, Next-Gen DVDs

Walt Disney Co. ceo-elect Bob Iger on Tuesday (June 7, 2005) said he had "really good" talks with Pixar Animation Studios Inc., reports RUETERS. He told investors at a Deutsche Bank conference that it was too early to tell if a new agreement would be reached.

"I'm not sure I really want to give you odds. We've had really good discussions," Iger said.

Under the current deal, Pixar's CARS in 2006 will be the last film released by Disney. Previously, the two companies have not been able to come to an agreement. Many cite a bitter relationship between current Disney ceo Michael Eisner and Pixar ceo Steve Jobs as a major factor. However when Disney announced that president/coo Iger would take Eisner's place at the end of September, Pixar reopened talks.

"The fact that we are having a dialogue is a really good thing, and it has been really healthy," Iger said. "We'd certainly like to find a way to continue to do business with them, and I think the feeling is mutual."

Iger also said that he did not think Disney needed to continue to cut debt and that he would consider divestitures of non-core assets, mentioning radio in particular. There was no urgency for such deals, he added.

He also said that he was personally involved in talks between Sony and Toshiba regarding a universal next-generation DVDs. Sony is pushing their Blu-ray format with HD-DVD being pushed by Toshiba. Disney supports Blu-ray.

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