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News and entertainment destination site,, is about to go under unless it can find a buyer immediately. The company has run out of money and told its 30 staff members on Tuesday, October 24 that they no longer would be paid. The Marina del Ray, California-based company's CEO Rich Battista and president and COO Michael Dowling are in talks with several Websites to buy the sinking Netcaster. Battista told the DAILY VARIETY that, "Our doors are still open. It's business as usual." However, with staffers unpaid and freelancers waiting to get what is owed them, is of the verge of being the next dotcom disaster unless a cyber champion comes to save the day soon. In over a week, the site hasn't posted any new daily news items or any new programs. iFuse airs the Webtoon ADVENTURE MEN, which was created by LIL' PIMP's Paul Gilstrap and Mark Brooks.

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