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IDT Ent. Brings Everyone’s Hero & More To Cannes 2006

IDT Ent. is gearing up a full slate of projects, including its first theatrical CG feature EVERYONES HERO, to take to Cannes. Executives attending the event include: Neil Braun, president, feature films & television; John Hyde, coo; Andrew Berman, evp, IDT Ent. Sales; and Patti Rose, director, IDT Ent. Sales.

EVERYONES HERO (Formerly known as YANKEE IRVING) is the tale of a kid who believes he can make a difference if he just hangs in there despite overwhelming odds. With a faith in himself instilled by his loving family, he teams up with a sassy young girl and some off-the-wall sidekicks and embarks on a cross-country quest to restores his familys honor while befriending the worlds biggest sports superstar.

The film is being produced by Janet Healy (SHARK TALE), Jerry Davis (ROBOTS, ICE AGE), Ron Tippe (SHREK) and Igor Khait (LILO & STITCH). Directors include the late Christopher Reeve, Daniel St. Pierre (SHARK TALE, TARZAN) and Colin Brady (TOY STORY 2, A BUGS LIFE). The voice cast includes Rob Reiner, William H. Macy, Whoopi Goldberg, Brian Dennehy, Mandy Patinkin, Robert Wagner, Richard Kind, Raven-Symone, Dana Reeve, Joe Torre

The $25-budgeted film will be released theatrically in the U.S. by 20th Century Fox on Sept. 15, 2006.

In animated TV series, IDT Ent. will be showcasing KAPPA MIKEY (26x22), created and produced by Larry Schwarz of Animation Collective. The show chronicles the adventures of once-struggling American actor as he adjusts to his new role as the biggest anime star Japan has ever seen. When he is recruited to join the cast of LilyMu, his co-stars know immediately that hes the wrong guy for the job. But, the audience disagrees, and suddenly Mikey is Japans newest rising star.

IDT. Ent will also be bringing two HELLBOY 2D animated features SWORD OF STORMS and BLOOD AND IRON being produced by Film Roman (THE SIMPSONS, KING OF THE HILL. The first film will deliver in October 2006 with the second film coming January 2007. Tad Stones (ATLANTIS) is directing. Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and John Hurt will reprise their roles from the hit live-action feature. Based on the top selling comic series by Mike Mignola and published by Dark Horse Comics, the two features will revolve around the adventures of Hellboy and B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense).

Additionally, the company will be bringing its two anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR and MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION. IDT Ent. is producing both shows along with Industry Ent. and Nice Guy Prods.

Following up its successful debut season, MASTERS OF HORROR will return with 13 new hour-long films from the top names in horror.

Writers include Clive Barker (MOH 1 HAECKELS TALE short story), Brent Hanley (FRAILTY), Matt Venne (WHITE NOISE 2), Richard Christian Matheson (MOH 1 DANCE OF THE DEAD), Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan (MOH 1 CIGARETTE BURNS), Mick Garris (MOH 1 CHOCOLATE), Brad Anderson (SESSION 9), David Schow (MOH 1 PICK ME UP), Sam Hamm (MOH 1 HOMECOMING), Stuart Gordon & Dennis Paoli (MOH 1 DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE) and R.C. Matheson (JAWS 3).

Directors John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing), Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins), Mick Garris (Stephen Kings Riding the Bullet & The Stand), Stuart Gordon (The Re-Animator), Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London) and Dario Argento (Suspiria) will all return for the second season of MOH. New helmers include Ernest Dickerson (BONES, DEMON KNIGHT), Brad Anderson (SESSION 9, THE MACHINIST) and Tom Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILDS PLAY).

MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION will consist of six hour-long films and will air on ABC in fall 2006. The series will contain tales from Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Stanislav Lem and H.G. Wells.

As for live-action features, IDT Ent. will be bringing three new projects to Cannes.

DEVILS DEN is a horror film, being produced by Mitch Gould of Page 85 Ent. and John Duffy of Duffy Square Prod. Inc. Andrew Quint is directing the film, which includes Kelly Hu (X-MEN 2) and Devon Sawa (FINAL DESTINATION). In the vein of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, two young college boys stop at a seedy strip club called Devils Den on their way home from Mexico. Inside, beautiful enchanting dancers with perfect bodies surround them almost immediately. But in no time, the two realize that beauty is only skin deep.

THE DARKROOM is being produced with Mindfire Ent. and CFQ Films. Mark Altman and Mark Gottwald, the team of HOUSE OF THE DEAD, HOUSE OF THE DEAD: DEAD AIM, are producing. Mike Hurst (HOUSE OF THE DEAD: DEAD AIM) is helming. The cast includes Greg Grunberg (ALIAS, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III), Reed Diamond (SPIDER-MAN 2, GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK) and Lucy Lawless (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, XENA: PRINCESS WARRIOR). Having lost his memory after a case of severe amnesia, a man leaves the institution where he has been for 15 years, in search of answers. Alone and homeless, the man befriends a young boy who agrees to help him recover his memory. In exchange, the boy wants the man to help him investigate his abusive stepfather, who inexplicable locks himself in the houses darkroom every night.

SLAYER is a horror/sci-fi flick being directed by Kevin VanHook, who is also producing with Karen Bailey. Cast includes Casper Van Dien (THE FALLEN ONES, STARSHIP TROOPERS) and Jennifer ODell (THE LOST WORLD, POINT DOOM). A group of U.S. soldiers are attacked by vampires in the South American jungle. The deforestation of the rainforest has destroyed the habitat of the vampires' only natural predators. With nothing to stand in their way, the vampires are spreading out to the surrounding villages and beyond.

IDT Ent. ( is a vertically integrated entertainment company that develops, produces and distributes proprietary and licensed entertainment content. IDT Ent. is a division of IDT Corp. , an international telecom, entertainment and technology company.

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