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IDT, Einstein And NAB

Integrated Design Tools of Tallahassee, Florida stopped the NAB Show in Las Vegas earlier in April with a powerful combination of innovative technology and a little help from Einstein himself.

IDT introduced the Digital Cinema Edition of its slow motion products at the show through a powerful short feature film entitled THE MYSTERY OF TIME.

The film was shot using the newly released Y5 camera, and told about relativity using Albert Einstein's words. A behind-the-scenes story was also presented to demonstrate the ease of use and flexibility of the camera and its seamless integration with the Mac OS environment.

IDT was a major exhibitor this year, introducing its Digital Cinema line of slow motion cameras. This camera line features three new products: The HG-N (Digital Cinema Edition) with a stunning ultra-sensitive (5000 ASA color) 1.7 Megapixel sensor, capable of delivering 1,000 fps and with 32 GB of RAM, the largest recording capacity available; the Y-5 (Digital Cinema Edition) with its 4 Megapixel sensor delivering 1,000 fps and the ultra-compact N5 (Digital Cinema Edition) capable of recording 1080P format at 1,000 fps.

Luiz Lourenco, CEO of IDT, said, "This single event proved what we have known to be true all along: dependable, compact, portable slow motion imaging is in high-demand in both the film and broadcast industries."

In all, 105,259 participants with a record 28,310 international attendees attended NAB.

For the full line of IDT products or to obtain a copy of the featured film, THE MYSTERY OF TIME or to view the film, visit or call 850-222-5939.