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Idea Machine Visits Wonderville

Calgary, Alberta-based creative agency Idea Machine has collaborated with the Science Alberta Foundation to launch, an interactive Internet destination designed to teach kids about science. The creative team at Idea Machine, led by animator Brent Lowrie (art and animation) and designer Darren Pearce (interface design and programming), created the concept of a 3D world where an animated cast of characters would lead the audience through a series of science-based activities. The challenge was not only to teach kids, but also to provide an alternative to video games and television. "Wonderville is intriguing. To show how a peregrine falcon flies, to show how a water treatment plant works - these are communications challenges that havent really been tackled before," said Tom Short, president of Idea Machine. Idea Machine and its team of freelance artists used 3ds max, Maya, the Macromedia MX Suite and Adobe Photoshop to bring the world of Wonderville to life.