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Iceland's CAOZ Develops New Series Based On The Lost Little Caterpillar

CAOZ, a digital design and animation company in Reykjavik, Iceland, is in development on a series based on THE LOST LITTLE CATERPILLAR, a 26 minute computer-animated film by Gunnar Karlsson, which will premiere in Iceland on August 31, 2002. The film is based on a story by Fridrik Erlingsson and tells the tales of a spell bound caterpillar princess that one day wakes up on a tree leaf. As she goes on a journey and encounters the other creatures of the garden, she learns something about others and herself. The film has been in development since 1996, and production eventually began in early 2001, when the project was taken over by CAOZ. The film will receive film, video and television distribution in Iceland, and has been accepted to the 19th annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival in October 2002. CAOZ will present the series at Cartoon Forum in September 2002.