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IBM Announces World's Fastest UNIX Workstation

At the end of the year 2000, IBM announced the world's fastest UNIX-based workstation, offering nearly two times the performance of similarly configured new UltraSparc-III-based servers from Sun Microsystems. This IBM Model 170 workstation features the most powerful UNIX 3D graphics capability on the market and is shipping right now. It features copper-fueled microprocessors and the latest GXT6000P 3D graphics accelerator from IBM to provide unprecedented levels of performance for companies designing products such as airplanes and automobiles. The Model 170 workstation contains a built-in service processor designed to monitor operations continuously and take preventative or corrective actions as well as perform sophisticated remote system management functions. "Offering a geometric engine in hardware is especially valuable to engineering functions such as rotations, zooming, definition of light and displaying large amounts of data," said Jim McGaughan, product manager, IBM Web Servers. "The Model 170 brings a new level of performance to the entry UNIX server market." Prices for the Model 170 start at US$10,495.