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ibanana integrated media Launches in Canada

Industry exec Michael Hefferon, announced the official launch of ibanana integrated media inc., an entertainment company he heads dedicated to developing and producing integrated content for television, web, mobile and gaming platforms.

Responding to industry demand for dynamic content with digital media convergence, ibanana has developed a concept that utilizes the strengths and applications of each platform to develop inherent synergies.

�ibanana�s entertainment strategy links content with technology, establishing a powerful cross-platform synergy that engages and entertains the audience,� said ceo/co-founder Hefferon.

�Creativity is key to the overall strategy� added coo/co-founder Bradley Cuttress. �This is an exciting period in the evolution of how content is produced. Current technology has transformed the way we approach the integration and delivery of content across these four key distribution platforms.�

The company employs digital production technologies that utilize digital assets as building blocks of content for every form of media distribution. Its cross-platform production model significantly reduces costly duplication of resources, allowing for more competitive budgets and enhanced production values.

As ibanana creates synergies between these four key entertainment platforms, this distribution approach in turn increases audience viewership and interaction, including strategic content windows with a multiple format approach, which creates inherent cross-marketing synergies and increased licensing opportunities.

Hefferon said ibanana�s unique approach to creating integrated content synergies between Television, Web, Mobile and Gaming, has key studios, broadcasters and distributors interested in establishing up-coming projects and collaborations.

ibanana integrated media ( is located at 278A Gladstone Avenue, Suite 100; Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 3L6; ph: (416) 850-0909, Fax: (416) 850-1518.