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i3DTutorials Releases Free SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 Tutorial Videos

Softimage training partner i3DTutorials has released free tutorials for SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7. One of XSI 7's most innovative features, the Interactive Creative Environment, also known as ICE, allows artists to visually create stunning effects for film, games, and visual effects easier than it has ever been before in the computer animation industry.

With the release of these new free tutorial videos from training partner, i3DTutorials, everyone can now see the new features of XSI 7 firsthand, including the new implementation of mental ray 3.6 and ICE.

The free XSI 7 tutorials cover:

--Interface and Tools--Color Management--Texturing--Deformation--ICE (Interactive Creative Environment)--Character Creation--The Render Tree--The Render Manager--mental ray 3.6

View the first ever sneak peek tutorials for SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7 for free: