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Hyde To Helm Film Roman

Film Roman's Board of Directors has finished their search for a new CEO andpresident with the naming of veteran industry exec John Hyde to theposition. Hyde's expertise ranges from work in television, film, music andnew media. By replacing former CEO/pres. David Pritchard, Hyde steps into aposition with promise and heightened pressure. Besides producing THESIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL, over seeing various live-action filmproductions, and coddling their infant on-line channel, Hydemust deal with the pressures of a position many Film Roman employees didn'twant to see vacated by Pritchard. Dozens of Film Roman employees signedpetitions protesting Pritchard's termination after two years at the head ofthe company. However, since the business went public in 1996, Film Romanhas teetered in the red. With the recent third quarter decrease in revenueof 32% or US$1.7 million, Hyde may have been brought in strictly due tofinancial concerns. Hyde has overseen films such as FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATORand the award-winning DAS BOOT, and television shows such as MIGHTY MOUSEand HOMICIDE. However, Hyde's main success may have been as chairman andCEO of MCEG Sterling Inc. where he spearheaded a complex four-way mergerbetween MCEG Sterling, Orion Pictures Corp., Actava Group Inc, and thetelecommunications group comprised of Metromedia International and the vicechairman and CEO of Producers Sales Organization. No doubt Hyde's toppriority will be to make Film Roman more profitable.

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