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Hungary’s Cartoon Webworks Goes TV

Budapest, Hungarys Cartoon Webworks recently completed three commercials for TEAM Hungary, a Young & Rubicam subsidiary. These are the first three in a series of twelve animated spots that will begin airing this month on Viva+, Hungarys music television channel. The commercials are among the first TV ads in Europe produced entirely in Macromedia Flash. Eric Rainsbury, assistant creative director of TEAM, commented, The client wanted classic 2D cartoon style and they had to be produced fast and cheap. Eric Presley, Cartoon Webworks managing director, said, Our proprietary production process blends traditional animation methodology with vector animation software and development techniques, in order to decrease the number of hand drawn sketches. The implication to producers is reduced production cost and a shortened production schedule. Cartoon Webworks is a leading Flash animation studio in Central Europe. The company is currently in negotiations for several TV series contracts, educational productions and CD-ROM games.