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HP Offers New Entry-Level Workstation and Business Desktop PC

HP announced the availability of a new entry-level workstation and desktop PC that feature the latest Intel technology, including the new dual-core Intel Pentium D processor and 945G chipset for greater performance and increased business productivity.

The new HP xw4300 Workstation, with prices starting at $849, is ideal for computer-aided design, video editing and the DCC market. The new HP Compaq dc7600 Business Desktop PC series combines enhanced security, performance and management tools for users demanding high performance while running multiple, CPU-intensive applications simultaneously.

The HP xw4300 Workstation is based on Intel's single- and dual-core Pentium processors with speeds of 3.2 gigahertz (GHz) for the Intel Pentium D 840 dual-core processor and 2.8 - 3.8 GHz for the single-core Intel Pentium 4 processors. It packs additional power with increased memory support of up to 8 gigabytes (GB) of memory capacity and up to 667-megahertz (MHz) memory bandwidth as well as integrated Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s (SATA 3.0Gb/s) RAID functionality that is more commonly found on higher-end workstation and server platforms.

HP's first entry-level workstation to be offered with 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP Professional, the xw4300 also has a robust 460-watt power supply to support powerful processors and graphic applications, giving customers significant increases in productivity now and headroom to expand later.

"The new HP xw4300 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs workstation-class graphic performance at an entry-level price," said Jim Zafarana, vp and worldwide marketing manager, Workstation Global Business Unit, HP. "It leverages ground-breaking technologies on a proven platform that's reliable and easy to own."

The new Intel Pentium D 840 processor incorporates two physical processors and L2 caches into one piece of silicon, helping to give a significant performance boost to multi-threaded applications for CAD/CAE design and analysis and DCC rendering software with multiple applications running at the same time. Customers may expect up to 20 percent performance gains in these application environments with the dual-core processor.

"With the HP xw4300, featuring the Intel Pentium D processor and the Intel 955X Express chipset, HP is continuing its history of being an innovator and bringing leading-edge technologies to customers," added Phil Brace, general manager of marketing, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel.

The HP xw4300 also incorporates the Intel 955X Express high-end performance chipset for fast, dual-channel DDR2 667-MHz memory; large 8 GB memory capacity; PCI Express (x16) graphics; integrated Serial ATA controller with RAID 0/1/5/10 capability; integrated, high-definition audio; and 64-bit support.

"Users of Solidworks design analysis software, COSMOS, should be thrilled at getting the HP xw4300 Workstation with dual-core capability as we believe they will see a significant improvement in processing time," said Brian Houle, partner program manager, SolidWorks Corp. "COSMOS Solver's multithreaded nature allows users to get the maximum performance out of this leading-edge workstation technology."

The new HP Compaq dc7600 handles data-heavy applications with ease through powerful multitasking capabilities powered by dual-core processors, dual-channel DDR2 memory, which offers more bandwidth without increasing power consumption, SATA 3.0Gb/s hard drives, and integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics, offering up to two times the performance of the GMA 900.

The HP Compaq dc7600 series is available with the choice of the latest Intel Celeron D or Pentium 4 processors, including the new dual-core Intel Pentium D processors.

"The HP Compaq dc7600 is designed for customers that require innovative, high-performance, and stable desktops to run their businesses," said Jeff Groudan, vp, commercial desktop marketing, Imaging and Personal Systems Group, HP. "With enhanced processor support and the latest Intel chipset, HP continues to deliver reliable and secure products to its business customers, providing them with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price."

HP built the dc7600 with a customized thermal design to help ensure all components in the desktop remain cool as power demands increase. At the same time, the HP Compaq dc7600 maintains the small size and expandability business customers have come to expect from HP.

In addition to offering greater performance, the HP Compaq dc7600 Business Desktop PC comes equipped with security features and built-in manageability that meet the security and performance requirements for Microsoft's forthcoming Longhorn operating system.

The dc7600 will ship standard with the first embedded security chip built to the Trusted Computing Group's new Trusted Platform Module 1.2 specification and with optional HP ProtectTools Embedded Security solution software. The dc7600 series is also the first desktop PC from HP to fully meet the European Union's Restrictions on Hazardous Substances directive.

The HP Compaq dc7600 Business Desktop PC is available now starting at an estimated U.S. street price of $564.

In addition, consumer desktop PCs will be configurable with the new dual-core Intel Pentium D processors. Starting May 26, the Intel Pentium D 820, 830 and 840 are expected to be available on the HP Pavilion d4100y and the Intel Pentium D 820 and 830 are expected to be available on the HP Media Center PC m7100y direct from or by calling +1 888 999 4747.

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