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HP Helps Simplify DreamWorks Animation Business Operations

DreamWorks Animation has implemented an HP solution based on a service-oriented architecture that simplifies and consolidates key business operations.

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an approach to building and managing IT infrastructures using standards-based software and services as autonomous, re-usable components.

HP worked closely with DreamWorks to integrate several of its key business applications into the new architecture. Overall, the HP SOA approach provides DreamWorks with a more streamlined workflow and a common look and feel across each application.

"The new architecture provides us a more unified, efficient IT platform to support our core business applications that keep our company up and running," said Abe Wong, head of Information Technology, DreamWorks. "We selected HP as our provider of infrastructure and production technologies because of the company's great products, commitment to innovation and its broad technical expertise that all continually meet and exceed our high standards."

Running on a Linux operating environment, the SOA project included planning, designing and re-engineering DreamWorks' existing applications. The company now has a central repository to maintain data, roles and responsibilities as well as workflow information related to the applications.

For example, protecting intellectual property is vital. The SOA has allowed for a new copyright tracking application that provides DreamWorks both authorization and authentication of incoming, valuable feature film scripts.

Other DreamWorks business services that have been migrated to the SOA include company directories, employee bulletin boards, vacation requests and even cafeteria menus. The inherent flexibility of the SOA architecture positions DreamWorks to add additional business applications and support ongoing enhancements.

"HP's SOA implementation is empowering DreamWorks to achieve a better overall return on its IT investments," said Uday Kumaraswami, vp, Enterprise Applications Practice, HP Services. "Using our worldwide scale, HP applied resources across three times zones and six geographies to help DreamWorks optimize business applications and heighten operational efficiency."

As part of the implementation, HP's Linux Reference Architecture offering of integrated software and hardware stacks, including the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS), helped DreamWorks realize cost-savings and facilitated its efforts to deploy open source technology on industry-standard platforms.

HP's expertise in SOAs spans several years and encompasses partner offerings, world-class server and storage products and leading management software, including HP OpenView SOA Manager. In addition, HP Services has several thousand worldwide professionals able to implement and deploy open source technology and SOA-based solutions.

"A major challenge faced by IT staff today is the migration and reuse of legacy applications to deliver streamlined, flexible business operations that support changing business requirements," said Carl Greiner, svp, Ovum. "As information technology moves toward a shared-services model of computing across business processes, applications and infrastructure, companies will increasingly rely on technology providers with proven SOA capabilities to assess and implement SOA architectures to deliver streamlined business operations."

Since their first work together in 2001 on SHREK, HP and DreamWorks Animation have collaborated on technology innovations that have enabled DreamWorks to continually push the boundaries of computer-generated animation. DreamWorks has designated HP as its sole preferred technology provider for its core technology purchases, including the computing infrastructure for DreamWorks' digital studios.

Most recently, HP introduced the HP Halo Collaboration Studio, a first-of-its-kind offering for simulating face-to-face business meetings across long distances, brought to life in partnership with DreamWorks Animation SKG.

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