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How Much Does A Game Developer Make?

Thinking about a career inthe game development industry? Well, pick up a copy of GAME DEVELOPERmagazine's July 2002 issue to read the results of its annual gamedeveloper salary survey. The survey indicates that the gamedevelopment industry has remained healthy despite the downturn in theoverall U.S. economy. According to GAME DEVELOPER, the average gameprogrammer's salary is $66,000 and a technical director with six ormore years experience earns an average of $104,000. On average, gameartists earn $61,000 annually, although less experienced designersreport salary averages of $52,000, while game producers earn anaverage of $76,000. Not surprisingly, the survey found that developersalaries are highest in California and Texas, where game developmentstudios tend to cluster. And although women in most industries(including game development) still earn less then men, women in thegame industry fare better than most, earning 89 cents on the dollar,exceeding the national average of 76 cents. "Games are becoming anever greater force in mainstream entertainment and culture, and withthis trend comes increased interest in career opportunities in gamedevelopment," said Jennifer Olsen, editor-in-chief, GAME DEVELOPER."Because game development combines both entertainment and high-tech,the industry is well positioned to thrive in a variety of economicconditions." If you can't find a copy of the magazine, the fullarticle will be available online starting July 18, 2002 along with other resources for careers ingame development.

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