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How The Grinch Stole The DVD Sales Record

Remember when SHREK held the record for highest grossing first week DVD sales? Those were the days. Oh wait, that was just three weeks ago! Another green baddie has the highest grossing sales this week. DR SEUSS' HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS stole the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend video and DVD sales, generating $145 million since its release on November 20, 2001. According to estimates, 8.5 million copies total, including a record 3 million DVDs, were sold. The first-week DVD sales record has been shattered with each big release since the one that started it all THE MUMMY RETURNS, way back in October 2001. In case you've lost track, here's how the first-week numbers stack up:

THE GRINCH - 3 million DVDs sold (Week beginning November 20, 2001)SHREK- 2.5 million (Week beginning November 2, 2001)STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE - 2.2 million (Week beginning October 16, 2001)THE MUMMY RETURNS - 2 million (Week beginning October 2, 2001)