Houdini Once Again Dominates Oscar VFX Bakeoff

Reels for THE AVIATOR, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, I, ROBOT and SPIDER-MAN 2 showcased Houdini 3D software at Wednesdays Bakeoff, the competition for Oscar nomination bids among seven contenders held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The announcement of the three Oscar nominees will take place on Jan. 25 at 5:00 am PST.

As an integral element of high-end feature film production, Side Effects Software provides solutions that address production complexities, streamline workflow, deliver high-quality special effects shots and enable studios to build efficient pipelines. For the past 10 years, films using Houdini have earned industry recognition at the annual bakeoffs and dominated the Oscar nomination category for Achievement in Visual Effects.

Sony Pictures Imageworks used Houdini for THE AVIATOR, as well as SPIDER-MAN 2, as it pushed the industry forward with Houdini-enabled effects such as Spider-Mans web, the energy ball, the flying debris and the films CG water.

Digital Domain used Houdini extensively for THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Most of the complex weather effects such as the tidal wave, the water floods in New York City and the tornados in Los Angeles were produced with the help of Houdini. In addition, Digital Domain also used Houdini in I, ROBOT to generate visual effects, including fire, explosions and debris.

We would like to congratulate all of our customers for their amazing work in this years bakeoff films, said Tony Cristiano, coo and vp of U.S. Operations. We are proud to work closely with our exceptional customers throughout the entire production process and truly understand the dedication, creativity and innovative-thinking that is needed to produce high-end visual effects films.

Established in 1987, Side Effects Software (www.sidefx.com) is a leader in the field of non-linear animation with its unique, award-winning Houdini technology. Numerous digital content creation leaders use Houdini, including Digital Domain, Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks SKG, Electronic Arts, Framestore-CFC, Rhythm & Hues and Sony Pictures Imageworks.