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Hornet Signs Director Denise Hauser

Hornet is pleased to announce the signing of director Denise Hauser.

Press Release from Hornet

Hornet is pleased to announce the signing of director Denise Hauser.

Denise's talent is like a Swiss army knife, combining different techniques and styles to create unique film concepts with a love for detail and perfection.

Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland, high by fresh mountain air and nature, Denise spent most of her childhood making up stories and creating things. Not being allowed to keep pets, due to an allergy to animal hair, she drew piles of maps with futuristic visions on how to capture and tame wild lions in the African savanna.

Years later, after a brief stint in the world of window displays and exhibition design, Denise moved to London where she ended up living for seven years, working and studying graphic design and illustration at Central Saint Martins College. Soon, she found herself spending most of her time in the video department and that led to her pursuing a Masters in Animation at the Royal College of Art.

Nowadays, Denise is still writing stories and convincing other people to help her create worlds but her ideas are no longer as hazardous as they used to be back in kindergarten. Denise designs her own universes combining live action footage with hand built miniatures and textured looks, sometimes incorporating stop-motion bits and pieces or digital animation. This is best visible in her most recent project Return to Sender,  a 12-minute mixed media short film. The project was conceived and completed in a tiny, wintery town in central Norway, far away from the nearest animation production company.

Coinciding with her upcoming move to New York, Denise plans on finally getting her first pet, a pug that will be named E.T.

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