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Honkworm Moves To Vancouver With New Prexy

Web toon house Honkworm International will open a new studio in Vancouver. Video and gaming designer Ian Verchere has been named president of Honkworm Canada and digital production veteran David Weir has been named president of digital production. The Seattle-based company has also assigned Verchere to the post of senior executive producer and Weir to creative director. As president of Honkworm (Canada), Verchere will oversee the physical development and production of new series by the Canadian company. As senior executive producer for Honkworm International, he will spearhead Honkworms development of interactive Web entertainment. "The most important element of a Honkworm Webisode is a good story and Ian and David have proven that they can tell interesting and entertaining stories specifically designed for interactive media," said Honkworm CEO Johan Liedgren. "As we keep on expanding our production team, we will continue to work with the most talented creators throughout the world, like Ian and David." Verchere said, "The talent pool in Vancouver is at critical mass traditional animation, television and movie production, and an incredible amount of computer and video games are created and produced here. Honkworm is the leading producer of original online entertainment, and Honkworm Canada will be the place to bring this talent pool together in the online space."

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