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Hong Kong Studio Sets Up Shop in L.A.

Hong-Kong-based animation production house Stvdio Media has established an office in Los Angeles to handle sales and marketing for the North American Market. Founder/ceo Larry Feign, an American animator and cartoonist, has appointed Susan Goldstein to head the U.S. office. Goldstein worked for the Screen Actors Guild, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and was evp of VIDEO INSIDER.

She also founded Susan Goldstein Talent marketing, which represented talents that appeared on networks such as Discover, The Learning Channel and PBS. "Establishing a U.S. office is the natural step for Stvdio Media (, which is rapidly earning a reputation throughout the world for quality animation production for programming and commercial projects," said Feign. Stvdio Media has recently completed projects for Disney, Yahoo!, Cartoon Network and Coca-Cola.