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Holy Cow Spots Rides Roller Coaster For Chex Mix

Holy Cow Spots has created a stop-motion 30-second spot entitled, "Roller Coaster," for General Mills Chex Mix and ad agency Campbell Mithun. Directed by Holy Cow Spots' Shaun Sewter, the spot starts with a lone Chex square that is joined by more pieces, finally creating two complete characters composed of Chex Mix pieces, which ride a roller coaster. For the roller coaster, a 22 foot-long, 12 foot-tall set was constructed. "It took a long time," admitted Holy Cow Spots executive producer David Lyons. "At times we wondered if we'd bitten off more than we could chew, but we managed to pull it off in time and on budget. In the entire 35-day shoot, however, Shaun only took one day off. Nothing was small about this spot. The loop alone was eight feet in diameter. The set was massive and virtually every single shot required a new set-up. What's more, we had so many lights that it became incredibly hot on the set, which required a steady flow of water and Gatorade to keep Shaun happily hydrated. This is the third Chex Mix spot for Holy Cow and each one seemed like the most difficult thing we'd ever done. But compared to 'Roller Coaster' everything else was a walk in the park. It really is quite an achievement."

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