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Holiday PhotoInside Contest -- Create Animation for Holiday Cards

2008 Holiday PhotoInside ContestDeadline: December 10, 2008

PhotoInside is HDgreetings' super cool technology that allows you to create viral content by allowing you to personalize your video with their own photos. PhotoInside content is what attracts companies that HDgreetings partners with, like and American Greetings, because people love to see their photos appear in an animated scene or perform special effects. HDgreetings has PhotoInside cards where the user's photo spins, explodes, floats like cloth in the wind, appears on a character's head, in a character's thought bubbles, on top of a cake, in a Christmas ornament, to name just a few.

Anything that's possible in animation is possible for the user's photo. It requires you to create two passes: a background pass that does not include the "custom object" (this is the scene object that will contain the user photo) and a "UV pass" that only includes the custom object. HDgreetings has a complete toolkit based on the software you use. You can find it here:

See more PhotoInside Examples here.

Contest Details:

-- Deadline: December 10, 2008 at 10 p.m. PST (if you submit before then, they will try to make it live earlier)-- Categories: Most Innovative Use of PhotoInside, Best Animation, Most Likely to Succeed (commercially, that is)-- Judge: Dan Sarto, Co-Founder of AWN)-- Content: Winter Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, General Happy Holidays, Happy New Year)-- Animation/Video accepted: 3D, 2D, stop-motion or live action video

Prizes: -- Visibility and revenue share: your video will be featured on our co-branded site, on our homepage and will be eligible to be included on American Greetings. In each of these cases, there is revenue share based on performance.-- Recognition: you will get a permanent Contest Winner icon next to your name on your profile page.-- Gift cards: winners will receive $250 Gift Cards

Regular submissions guidelines and rules apply.