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Hockey star Trevor Linden Scores on Being Ian

While the U.S. isnt seeing much hockey action these days, those Canadians stay animated about the sport as hockey star Trevor Linden is featured in Studio Bs animated series, BEING IAN, airing at 6:30 pm on March 15, 2005, in the episode 'Hockey Night In Burnaby, on YTV.

Ian's dreams come true when he is allowed to accompany family friend (and his father¹s piano store employee) Odbald to his favorite hockey teams home rink, GM Place, while he fixes the Vancouver Canuck's organ. His bothersome brothers, Korey and Kyle, have secretly tagged along and cause enough trouble to get them banned from the hockey team's arena for life. Luckily Ian's video editing skills wins over team star Linden.

To see Linden in the voice studio and a clip from the show when Linden loses his temper and turns into a hulking green monster, check out:

"We were thrilled when Trevor agreed to come into the studio and work on BEING IAN," said exec producer and Studio B partner Blair Peters. "This funny, off-the-wall episode also features broadcaster and hockey legend Ryan Walter. They both did fantastic jobs as voiceover actors."

BEING IAN, aimed at kids 9-12, follows the adventures of Ian Kelley, his incredible imagination, fascination for films, quirky family and epic adventures. BEING IAN mixes slapstick silliness with the wry humor of everyday life. His far-out, off-the-wall fantasies regularly turn a typical day at the beach into CASTAWAY and an ordinary camping trip into the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

Created by Burnaby-based Ian Corlett and designed by internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker Marv Newland (BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA), the show's look is unique, blending Flash scenes that look like old style 'rubber hose' animation with 3D MAYA animation during Ian's fantasy sequences. The visual style is a mix of Flash, 3D, stop motion and live action.

Vancouver-based Studio B ( is an award-winning animation studio that has produced more than 150 half hours of original programming including YVON OF THE YUKON, WHAT ABOUT MIMI? and D'MYNA LEAGUES, which currently air in some 22 countries around the world. Studio Bs international co-productions include SOMETHING ELSE and YAKKITY YAK. The studio is producing the 52x22 BEING IAN series for YTV and the 26x22 series CLASS OF THE TITANS for TELETOON.