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Highlight Your Film at the Zoie Films Online Film Festival

2004 Zoie Films Online Film FestivalWorld Wide WebMarch 20, 2004Deadline: February 10, 2004

Zoie Films Festival is open to feature films, film shorts, documentaries, animations, music videos and mixed media projects utilizing innovative techniques. A media panel judges all entries and winning films are showcased online via special screenings available at high-speed Internet connections. Zoie Films utilizes the latest encryption technology to present the finest quality streaming programs. Zoie Films Festival presents certificates, prizes and awards in animation, drama, comedy, action and new media forms. Founded by Victoria Lynn Weston in 1996, Zoie Films Festival is an exclusive online film festival dedicated to the development of independent artists and exploring innovative exhibitions of their work. The early deadline is December 1, 2003. For more information, contact e-mail: or Web:

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