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Hellboy Director’s Cut DVD Delivers Improved Story

As anticipated Guillermo del Toros recently released directors cut of HELLBOY on DVD (Columbia TriStar Home Ent. $34.95) offers minor improvements in characterization to make this a worthwhile purchase, along with several additional bonus features on this three-disc set. The new footage sheds light on Rasputin and Ilsa as well as greater interplay between Myers and Liz Sherman. New footage is seamlessly integrated into the feature with no loss in quality.

New bonus features include:* Director commentary A much more personal commentary by del Toro about his reasons for making HELLBOY and links his past films with this one.* Production Workshops Contains three brief featurettes on vfx, including Bellamie Hospital/BPRD Lift Minatures, Computer-Generated Sets/Behemoth and Lizs Fire.* Comic-Con 2002 Q&A with del Toro, star Ron Perlman and creator Mike Mignola.* Art Galleries including Conceptual Art and Production Stills, Mike Mignola Pre-Production Art, Directors Notebook and Comic Book Artit Pin-Ups (where other artists try their hand at Hellboy.