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Hell Girl IFC Exclusive July 3

IFC is bringing all 26 episodes of the popular anime supernatural thriller series HELL GIRL from Aniplex as a television exclusive available on IFC FREE, the IFC VOD channel, starting July 3 with the network television premiere to follow later in the year on Friday, October 3 on IFC.

Beyond the veil of midnight lies a website, Type in the name of one upon which you desire retribution, and it will be served.

If you truly desire to take revenge upon those who have wronged you, just untie the scarlet thread from the totem's neck. Pulling this thread will bind you into a covenant with Ai Enma, who will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight into the depths of Hell. However, once vengeance has been served, you will have to deliver on your end of the bargain. There always has to be a price to pay. When you die, your soul will also belong to Hell. You will never know the joys of Heaven. The decision rests with you.

The upcoming HELL GIRL episode schedule includes:

HELL GIRL Episode 01 -- "From Beyond the Twilight"IFC FREE (VOD) Premiere on Thursday, July 3Network Television Premiere on Friday, October 3

When a suspicious turn of events leaves the class goodie two-shoes indebted to a manipulative bully, Mayumi's peace of mind gets trashed as well as her reputation. But after one particularly violent run in with Aya and her cronies, Mayumi submits her classmate's name to the fabled At wit's end between her continued suffering and the lack of immediate retribution, the young girl's resolve finally breaks just as Hell Girl arrives. Will Aya's final prank send Mayumi over the edge and damn them both to hell?

HELL GIRL Episode 02 -- "The Possessed Girl"IFC FREE (VOD) Premiere on Thursday, July 3Network Television Premiere on Friday, October 10

A nightly stalker has left Ryoko no alternative but to seek assistance from After a year's investigation, the police have finally uncovered a suspect, but the case could not be more complicated. Not only is he one of their own, but Officer Akimoto comes from a very influential family. While the police ask for patience as they painstakingly piece the evidence together, little do they know that young Ryoko's already taken action of her own. As the nightmare takes a dark twist, will Ryoko have any choice but the supernatural?

HELL GIRL Episode 03 - "The Tarnished Mound"IFC FREE (VOD) Premiere on Thursday, July 3IFC Channel Premiere on Friday, October 17

When their high school baseball team's all-star turns out to be not quite upstanding, Iwashita can't quite shake it off though his friend's willing enough to take the beating. But as their silence is rewarded only with death, the young man confronts Hanagasa to no avail. As police attention spotlights the wrong team member and his classmates and family turn on him, Iwashita flees the scene. Guilt and desperation finally drive him to seek out the rumored Is Hanagasa inviting more than just Hell Girl's attention when he taunts the tormented Iwashita?

HELL GIRL Episode 04 -- "Silent Cries"IFC FREE (VOD) Premiere on Thursday, July 3IFC Channel Premiere on Friday, October 24

Amidst tears and heartbreak a young girl loses the last member of her family, her faithful canine companion. Days later, guilt compels the vet's assistant to confess the truth behind the recent death to Junko, the truth about the clinic and Doctor Honjo. While her own remorse and anger will drive Junko to, her fear of the ultimate consequence will give her cause to reconsider. But when revenge cannot be accomplished on her own.Will Doctor Honjo's heartlessness cause young Junko to give voice to his silent victims?

HELL GIRL Episode 05 -- "The Woman in the Tall Tower"IFC Free (VOD) Premiere on Thursday, July 3IFC Channel Premiere on Friday, October 31

A request ignored, unresponsive. Even as a cruel and ambitious employer pursues virtual vengeance for profit and gain, her ill-used young charge seeks to turn the tables. Not only has quiet Misato been responsible for the company's many on-line successes, but President Riho has been putting the young woman to far darker and far more illegal uses. And that's not the only dirt under this corporate rug. When Hell Girl's companions take an interest, there may be a turnover. Even if vengeance is sought for good purpose, is Misato truly worth saving?