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Broadband network will debut a new Machinima series, PIMP MY WEAPON, that was created in partnership with Sony as part of its pre-promotion for it's highly anticipated release of GOD OF WAR. This marks the first time that a studio-endorsed Machinima will reach a broadcast-scale audience through cable or broadband and will be shown exclusively on (

In PIMP MY WEAPON, the character of Kratos a fearsome Spartan warrior "driven by pure revenge" in GOD OF WAR is now Ron Johnson, host of a "how-to" program. Johnson, as a Bob Villa-like character, gives how-to tips for creating the ultimate weapons and the proper way to bust skulls.

Machinima is the convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development. Made popular by RED VS. BLUE (based on HALO and also available on, the process involves using the game controller to manipulate the characters on screen and dubbing in a new soundtrack.

"We knew that Machinima would provide a unique platform to promote videogames in an entirely new and entertaining way," said Simon Assaad, co-founder of "PIMP MY WEAPON will demonstrate how Machinima can take gaming software to the next level." is the world's leading broadband network with more than five million viewers monthly (Nielsen) and a viral reach of 65 million taste-challenged pop culture junkies. Its programming spans thousands of hours of video shorts, Machinima, music, gaming, radio, etc. and includes staples such as BEHIND THE MUSIC THAT SUCKS, CONTAGIOUS and Red vs. Blue. Advertisers on the broadband network include Diesel, Axe and Nike.