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Healthy Kids Nutri-Crew Debuts July 7 On Jetix

"Healthy Kids Nutri-Crew," a series of Public Service Announcements providing tips on why it's smart to make healthy food choices, will debut Monday, July 7 (7 p.m. ET/PT) during Jetix, the action/adventure/comedy block on Toon Disney.

Featuring real kids with animated characters from Jetix/Toon series, the PSAs will roll out each Monday (7 p.m. ET/PT) through August 4. Kids and parents can log on to for more information on healthy food.

The PSA roll out includes:

July 7 -- Kids go to the grocery store with Carl and Yo (of YIN YANG YO) to shop for protein choices that will give Carl super strength.

July 14 -- Yin and Yang (of YIN YANG YO) and the kids race to capture their favorite fruit.

July 21 -- Riley and Todd (THE REPLACEMENTS) and their friends track down healthy grains including oatmeal, brown rice and unbuttered popcorn.

July 28 -- Kuzco and Kronk (THE EMPEROR'S NEW SCHOOL) encourage the kids to get plenty of vegetables.

August 4 -- Chris (MONSTER BUSTER CLUB) and the kids use an "a-scan" device to find calcium that's good for the bones.