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Havana Film Fest Awards Go To Gods & Cinema

The Havana Film Festival, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, is traditionally the major cinema event in Latin America, and is still one of the major events in the region in spite of the growing problems to organize it. The number of films, audience members and guests is very impressive. The latest 22nd edition was held from December 5 - 15, 2000. The ten-day event focused on feature films, but also included a separate competition for Latin American animation. The selection is comprehensive, but not too big, however the films are not always new. In the competition - and among winners - were films that were screened at the Saõ Paolo Short Film Festival in August 1999. First Premio Coral went to EL OCTAVO DÍA, directors Juan José Medina and Rita Basulto, Mexico. The film is a new puppet animation about a god figure, who creates a creature that stages a mutiny. Second Premio Coral went to UNA VENTANA PARA EL CINE, director Quia Rodrígues, Brazil. This puppet animation is a celebration of the first century of cinema, taking a look inside a house with different scenes from well-known films. Third Premio Coral was given to DIOS ES PADRE, director Allan Sieber, Brazil. It is a short, cel animation of God and Jesus taking family advice from a psychiatrist.

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