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Hatchling Studios Expands Into 2D Animation

Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based CG animation studio Hatchling Studios announced the development of MODREDS ISLE and STORE 118, two animated short series targeted exclusively at mobile media distribution.

Hatchling Studios has always looked towards the cutting-edge when providing animation for our clients. Now, we can use this vast new arena of mobile technology to bring digital animation to the next level, said Hatchling Studios ceo/producer Marc Dole.

MODREDS ISLE, which will debut in July, is a parody of the reality-based TV shows that are very popular in the U.S. It features a team of villains, a team of heroes and one unwitting human who thinks he is going on a standard game show with a fantasy theme, only to find himself in the midst of real-life battles between trolls, orcs, faeries and wizards. The series is the collaborative creation of Hatchling ceo Marc Dole and director Zack Pike, who is also the creator and director of Hatchlings 3D short film, THE TOLL, which will debut in summer 2006.

STORE 118 follows a group of co-workers as they are forced to deal with the monotony and frustration that comes from working retail in the nations largest mega-store. The series was co-developed by Dole and Pike.

Premiering on the Web the same day as the film version of THE DA VINCI CODE, THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE is a 35-minute film spoof of the global bestseller. Recently highlighted in The Must List in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the film has garnered over half a million hits since its bow. The film is available for viewing at

In the process of developing film and TV properties over the past few years, Hatchling realized that many of these projects would work well in short form. Dole and his creative partners Pike and Jeremy Clough decided to take a few of the ideas and turn them into serialized content for mobile media, recognizing the formats increasing success and the demonstrated need for original content.

By expanding the companys roster to include traditional 2D animation, Dole plans to diversify the companys artistic palette. Hatchling is building its 2D staff for upcoming projects and is in discussions with studios and networks about other potential projects that would utilize both 2D and 3D animation.

Hatchling Studios ( is a full service digital animation company founded in 1999 by Marc Dole, a former director of computer animation for a stop-motion animation company. Hatchling has developed properties for a broad range of mediums, including: feature films, short films, mobile content, television, direct-to-video and webisodes. Hatchling Studios has also provided 3D animation for such corporate clients as Reebok, Prudential Securities, Timberland, Bose, Fisher-Price and Sierra Mist.

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