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Hatchling to Debut Animated Movie Teaser

Hatchling Studios is currently in pre-production on its first foray into filmmaking, FLARE, an animated family feature about an abandoned baby dragon discovered in a suburban home by a young girl. A 60-second promo will be shown for the first time at the "e-Brew" high-tech networking event, upstairs at The Press Room in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on April 1, at 7:00 pm.

The film is being developed entirely in-house by the team of animators at Hatchling Studios. Company founder and president Marc Dole explained, "FLARE will be a family-fare comedy in the Pixar movie-making tradition of FINDING NEMO and TOY STORY. We created this teaser in part to show that a small shop in New Hampshire can produce top-quality theatrical animation. Our team can not only render pretty pictures, we can tell stories, create environments and invent characters. But this isn't just a capabilities demonstration; it's a serious independent film project."

The project has been entirely self-funded to date. Discussions with outside funding sources are ongoing to bring the project to completion as a feature-length movie for theatrical or direct-to-video release.

The teaser will also be available for viewing on Hatchling's Website:, which was launched earlier this year to coincide with the company's name change.

Hatchling Studios (formerly M2-3D) is an award-winning animation production company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Producing creative, cutting-edge media from 3D animated characters for TV commercials, to post-production special effects, Flash-based Websites and interactive CD/DVDs, Hatchling's clients include corporate customers as well as advertising agencies, public relations firms and film/video production companies. The company's work has been featured on Discovery Channel, PBS and in numerous advertising spots for high-profile brands. Last fall, Hatchling gained national prominence for its 3D digital rendering of the JFK assassination, which aired on Court-TV.