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Hatch Studios Ltd. Launches in Toronto

Hatch Studios Ltd. has launched in Toronto as a full service animation and motion graphics/design studio and is already up running with its first two commercial campaigns for Bicks Pickles and the Ford F-150 Series.

Hatch specializes in quality commercial production, broadcast design, feature film, television series and animation for the Web. Experienced, award-winning talent includes animation director Richard Rosenman, exec producer Randi Yaffa and motion graphics designer/director Larissa Ulisko.

The Bicks Pickles Campaign animation was directed by Rosenman, who created the character and executed the animation for Ogilvy & Mather in Toronto. The Bicks Alien has just been accepted into the book, EXOTIQUE 2: THE WORLDS MOST BEAUTIFUL CG CHARACTERS.

The Ford F-150 Series motion graphics and design was directed by Ulisko. He created overall color, texture and type treatment in these spots for Young & Rubicam in Toronto.

For more information on Hatch Studios Ltd., located at 171 East Liberty St, Suite 206, Toronto Ontario, M6K 3P6, please visit or phone Tara Ferguson at (416) 915-1593, or Randi Yaffa (416) 915-1593,