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Hasselhoff May Return To Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff, star of the original KNIGHT RIDER television series, may return to NBC's remake, premiering September 24, according to SCI FI WIRE.

"He is talking to NBC next week, and we are working out everyone's schedule," said producer Gary Scott Thompson. "I don't want to put him in just for the sake of having him drop by; I want there to be a good reason for him being there and have it be part of the story. I talked to David about a way of doing that, and so far he likes it. It's a cool idea."

Thompson's dream scenario would involve teaming Hasselhoff's character Michael Knight with Justin Bruening's Mike Tracer with their cars, the original Pontiac Trans Am (voiced by William Daniels) and the new K.I.T.T., a Ford Mustang GT500KR (voiced by Val Kilmer). "I don't know if it will happen. It's all about timing," Thompson told SCI FI WIRE during a set visit this week.

A KNIGHT RIDER pilot aired earlier this year; the series picks up the story, centering on a high-tech crime-fighting team operating intelligent car K.I.T.T.