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Hash Launches Site For A:M Films

Hash Inc. has created the A:M Films Website as a repository of animations created with its 3D character animation software Animation:Master. A:M Films can be viewed in any web browser that supports QuickTime at

It is a totally free service to both animators and viewers, said Ken Baer, Hashs director of marketing. There has been so much great animation made with Animation:Master, and we wanted to provide a more fun and friendly way for people to see it. Some of the biggest Internet film hits were done in our software, and we hope to see many more cult films on A:M Films.

A:M Films audience ranges from people interested in computer animation to fans of short films and anime, and those who are looking for more online entertainment. Affordable computer animation tools have made a whole new world of Indy filmmaking possible. The goal of A:M Films is to broadcast these films to a large online audience and help new CG filmmakers get noticed.

Visitors to the site may search for films by name, animator, year and genre. Genres include stories, music videos, anime, cartoons, game graphics, martial arts and others. Each film has a page providing an image, description, credits and the film creators web page and e-mail. A:M Films only accepts QuickTime movies created with Animation:Master.

Hash, Inc. has been creating tools for 3D character animation and storytelling since 1987. The companys goals have been to provide artists and animators with affordable tools to create animated stories using low cost personal computers. Because of this focus, the library of films and animations created with Hashs software spans three decades and includes some the most popular films on the Internet including ALIEN SONG by Victor Navone, KILLER BEAN 2: THE PARTY by Jeff Lew and PERK by Dusan Kastelic.

Animation:Master has established itself as a multi-platform standard for creating organic, true 3D patch based objects and characters. And channel-based motions give users the large degree of animation control that is required for quality character animation, eliminating the problems associated with polygonal systems. The program sells for $299.

Hash Inc., founded by Martin Hash in Vancouver, Washington, has been marketing software tools for 3D character animation since early 1987. The company continues to design and build affordable software tools for artists and animators for use in independent and commercial production. Animation:Master is available for Microsoft Windows XP, and Apple Macintosh platforms.