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Hasbro Sues Kellogg Over Finding Nemo

Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based Hasbro has filed a federal trademark lawsuit against cereal maker Kellogg Co., claiming a promotional FINDING NEMO game on boxes of Frosted Flakes copies Hasbro's MEMORY card game. The cereal boxes featured 16 cards picturing eight characters with instructions advising children to cut out the cards, lay them face down and flip them over trying to make pairs of the same character. Hasbro's MEMORY, which was trademarked in 1967, features the same rules. In addition, Hasbro is currently selling its own FINDING NEMO version of the game, which it has licensing approval with NEMO owners Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation. The toy maker is seeking a recall and impoundment of all Frosted Flakes boxes containing the game, in addition to unspecified damages.