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Harvey hires Spumco

The Harvey Entertainment Company, which owns the rights to such charactersas Casper the Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich, has announced an agreementwith Spumco Inc. (the company founded in 1989 by John Kricfalusi to makeTHE REN & STIMPY SHOW for Nickelodeon) to produce cartoons createdspecifically for the Internet based upon classic Harvey characters. Thecartoons will run from two to seven minutes in length utilizing newstorylines written for Harvey characters such as Spooky, Little Audrey,Little Dot, and Herman & Catnip. The cartoons will first be distributedover the Internet via Spumco's online cartoon network located, and then later on the Harvey Web site Family-friendly advertisers will be invited to sponsor thenew cartoons. Spumco and Harvey will also collaborate on creating newmerchandise tied into the cartoons, which will be sold on both therealcartoons and Harvey Web sites.