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Harvest Sees Unique Experience In Mediocrity Integrated Campaign For Subaru

When Harvest Films was approached by agency Carmichael Lynch to launch a multiplatform campaign "Mediocrity" for client Subaru, it was clear the experience would be anything but ordinary.

Subaru's "Mediocrity"

Press Release from Harvest

When Harvest Films was approached by agency Carmichael Lynch to launch a multiplatform campaign "Mediocrity" for client Subaru, it was clear the experience would be anything but ordinary. The Mediocrity launch is a playful send-up of automotive advertising and a reflection of how the average consumer perceives car shopping.

The expansive campaign includes television and online commercials directed by Harvest Films' Baker Smith, and the agency produced website via Exoplis ( with online games and tongue-in-cheek purchase options. A Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel played an integral role. The Carmichael Lynch media team was also able to partner with automotive sites such as AutoTrader, Cars Direct and Edmunds to integrate spotlight pages and reviews into their sites. These sites would then reveal those pages to anyone shopping for a sedan.

"We did clinics with the new Subaru Legacy," explains Randy Hughes, Carmichael Lynch GCD/Senior Partner.  "Owners were passionate about the Legacy and couldn't imagine getting another make. And when non-owners were asked what they loved about their cars the most common answer was, 'I don't think about it.' We realized these non-Subaru owners were sleepwalking through the car-shopping experience. If we could show them a playful sea of sameness perhaps it would give them a wake up call."

Carmichael Lynch teamed with director Baker Smith to helm the TV/online spots that would be the cornerstone of the campaign.

According to the agency team of Matt Elhardt, Brock Davis, and Freddie Richards: "Baker Smith was the man for this job before we even had the initial phone call with him. His body of work is incredible. From the very beginning of this project, everybody's goal was to play things straight and just let the truth of the idea speak for itself. Baker understood that from the start, and then he took it to the next level."

They continue: "He has an unbelievable knack for directing actors and getting the performance on mark quickly. Harvest ran this shoot very efficiently and we were able to get all kinds of extra material to work with in the edit bay. Baker really plussed the idea and he came up with a lot of funny cutaways and stylistic nuances."

The spots were featured on the Mediocrity website and ran during national broadcasts of such programs as "The Closer," "Anderson Cooper," "Men of a Certain Age."

Baker Smith concludes: "The message of mediocre really spoke to my core values.' Smith then adds that 'Just getting by is a bygone value..."

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Agency: Carmichael LynchECD: Jim NelsonGCD: Randy HughesGCD/ Art Director: Brock DavisGCD/ Writer: Matt ElhardtSr. Digital Designer: Joe KralDirector of Integrated Prod: Joe GrundhoeferDirector of Digital Prod: Pete MertzSr. Integrated Producer: Freddie RichardsSr. Digital Producer: Jennifer HelmAccount Director: Melissa SchoenkeAccount Leader: Dan HoedemanAccount Manager: Chelsea MoranSr. Project Manager: Jennifer Abbey

Production Company: Harvest FilmsDirector: Baker SmithEP: Bonnie GoldfarbEP: Scott HowardHOP/Prod: Rob SextonLine Prod: Mala VasanDP: Jonathan SelaProduction: Designer: Fanae Aaron

Website Development: Exopolis

Editorial: Channel ZEditor: Charlie Gerszewski

Music: Beacon Street

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