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Happy Tree Friends Tops iTunes Subscribed Podcasts

The HAPPY TREE FRIENDS series of shorts hit the number one slot on iTunes Top 10 Podcasts over the 2005 holiday season. It has consistently proven a popular iTunes download, remaining in the Top 5 Podcasts since Dec. 19, 2005.

Understanding that video iPods are the perfect device for viewing short, funny animated shows, we quickly adapted HAPPY TREE FRIENDS into an iTunes Podcast, said John Evershed, ceo of Mondo Media. Its great to know that all those video iPods left in peoples stockings were used to watch HAPPY TREE FRIENDS over the Christmas break. This is an exciting way for us to find new fans and provide an alternative means for our existing fans to view our content.

Official sales figures are expected to demonstrate the popularity of the new iPod video player released in October. According to, iTunes reportedly had a huge Christmas surge; several analysts expect Apple will release numbers showing that traffic on the iTunes site increased by 50% between Dec. 24 and Dec. 25 of last year. As well, Its anticipated that Apple will report a 30% increase in sales over last holiday seasons staggering iPod numbers.

Mondo Media plans to insert 15-second advertisements in front of the episodes available on iTunes and is already evaluating a number of sponsors looking to reach the teen and young adult audiences.

The global cult animation hit that originated as a series, HAPPY TREE FRIENDS has worldwide distribution for DVDs, merchandise, television and mobile devices over the Internet.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Mondo Media is an award-winning production studio with a15-year track record. Mondo Medias expertise is animated entertainment targeted at teens and young adults for the Internet, broadcast, television, mobile devices and games. Revenue sources include online advertising, DVD and merchandise sales, wireless and television licensing. With a growing library of original shows, the company is focused on reaching its core audience using the new media and technologies that teens and young adults turn to for their entertainment.