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Handful Of New Pages Hit Theatrical Release Database

This week in AWNs Theatrical Release Database, we have a handful of new pages for anime, CG films and couple games turned features. For Japanese animation fans, the highly anticipated APPLESEED will be coming to the U.S. in January. Two new CG animated films have been added to the Database Luc Bessens ARTHUR and Gary Goldmans OLLIE THE OTTER. As for games making the transition to film, fans can check out new pages for HUNTER: THE RECKONING and SILENT HILL. Additionally, we have a new pages for the potential franchise, YOUNG MERLIN, and the remake of John Carpenters THE FOG. Other updates to check out include date changes for THE ISLAND and SPRUNG!: THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT MOVIE and the teaser trailer for THE RING 2.

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