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Hancock Headed To FX In 2010

FX has bought the rights to air HANCOCK from Sony Pictures Television, per VARIETY.

The license term for the movie, distributed by Sony's Columbia Pictures, is four years, beginning late 2010. If the film is a hit, FX will play more than $20 million. The formula for the deal covers a payout of about 12 percent of the domestic box office, capped if the movie goes above $200 million.

Two other Will Smith vehicles, INDEPENDENCE DAY and I, ROBOT bring in big Nielsen ratings every time they're shown on FX, making the bid an easy decision for the network.

FX has become Sony's most active buyer in past years, including securing the rights to Adam Sandler's YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN last week for about $11M.

FX earlier this year also bought three Sony movies Columbia hasn't even released yet: THE STEP BROTHERS with Will Ferrell, THE INTERNATIONAL, a thriller with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS with Seth Rogan. FX has previously purchased rights to 2008 releases 21, WALK HARD, UNTRACEABLE and WE OWN THE NIGHT.

Sony's contract with FX allows them to carve out a run or two of HANCOCK for sale to a broadcast network over the course of the term.