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Hagon Rebrands, Opens NY Office

London-based commercial editorial house Alex Hagon re-launches as Circus, opening a new office in New York’s Chelsea district led by Jono Griffith; Susanne Kelly handles east coast sales and Cristina Matracia continues to serve as producer.

"The Bear"

London & New York --

Boutique commercial editorial house Hagon, founded by Alex Hagon in London’s Soho district in 2010, has rebranded to become Circus. The new company, led by founding partners Hagon and multi-Cannes Grand Prix and D&AD-winning Jono Griffith, is also expanding into the U.S. with the launch of a new office in New York City’s Chelsea district.

Hagon and Griffith head a strong lineup of editors, which includes Walter Mauriot and Joce Hockings. Veteran sales and marketing talent Susanne Kelly will handle east coast sales, and Cristina Matracia will continue at Circus in the producer role she occupied at Hagon.

“Why Circus? It sort of summed up what it is we are. A group of people coming together under one roof to do great things. We’ve been in this business a while and we’ve worked with some of the best brands and agencies, and won awards too. But we’ve also worked with some not so famous brands and not so famous agencies and they get the same amount of passion and commitment. Because it’s about work, that’s the Circus,” notes Hagon.

“The first time I met Alex was at a dinner in a restaurant called Circus and I sat beside him, latched on, and started talking and haven’t really stopped! I’ve always loved people who love editing and Alex is no exception: lovely man and a great editor. Starting Circus together with the goal of taking the best editing in the world to new heights feels natural and very exciting,” Griffith adds.

Hagon’s recent credits include Mastercard “Favourite Things” for Stacy Wall, KFC “Drive Thru” for David O’Russell, and Gatorade “Wade” for Fredrik Bond. Griffith’s recent credits include the much-lauded Canal+ “Bear” film and Audi “Vampire Party” for Matthijs van Heijningen, and Adidas “All In” for Roman Gavras.

Source: Circus

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