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HAFF Unveils 2014 Poster

Created by German artist and illustrator Henning Wagenbreth, the poster for the seventeenth edition of the Holland Animation Film Festival is unveiled.

German artist and illustrator Henning Wagenbreth has created the poster for the seventeenth edition of the Holland Animation Film Festival. Held annually in Utrecht, HAFF takes place this year March 19-23.

Wagenbreth works as an illustrator and graphic designer, makes his own typefaces, understands manual and industrial printing technics as an important part of his design work, illustrates and designs books, posters, newspapers and magazines, in sizes between postage stamps and giant hangers, between commissioned jobs and his own art projects, between original art work and mass produced objects, undertakes detours into animation film, theater and music, works since 1994 as professor of the illustration class at the University of Arts in Berlin. His work has been shown in various solo and group shows all over the world and is frequently awarded.

“The poster shows a man shooting an animation film,” Wagenbreth says. “In my drawings, I like to tell stories by showing dynamic movements. Since a drawing is static, it is physically impossible to display time. But a drawing or poster, once looked at, develops interactive qualities and with his experience the observer translates the rather static situation into a movement and into a story.”

Source: HAFF

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