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Guerilla FX Creates Main Title Sequence for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

For LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON, Conan O'Brien's LATE NIGHT replacement, Guerilla FX broadcast design gurus Creative Director/VFX Supervisor John Bair and VFX Executive Producer Vivian Connolly, designed and executed the main title sequence. Fallon, a comedian, actor and musician best known for his work on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, claimed O'Brien's old desk for the daily, hour-long, late-night series that debuted on NBC-TV March 2 at 12:35 a.m.

For the new show, Guerilla FX, the visual effects, production, post finishing, design and interactive house, designed and executed the main titles sequence so that every night Fallon's house band, Philadelphia's hip-hop/R&B group The Roots, plays the theme song to the credits, while the guests are announced and Jimmy is introduced -- live.

"Through color, design and lighting effects we unified the footage, supplied to us by NBC, into one high energy piece. Basically, the pace of the show open is fast and furious as Jimmy makes a mad dash through city streets in a really cool tracking shot. We added wipes to keep the energy up and accentuate his motion and treated every shot with intense color correction and lighting effects," explained Bair.

"When Jimmy is running, he is churning up waves of light and in every shot of the city, whether you see a taxi driving down the street or headlights coming toward you, all of the lights are blown out and have really beautiful waves of light emanating from them. This elaborate lighting effect helps create a seamless piece out of a lot of disparate footage," Connolly added.

Representing Guerilla FX were Bair, Connolly and Producer Renuka Ballal.

GFX utilized After Effects and Final Cut Pro in the execution of this project.