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Guava Ventures Into Casper’s Scare School

Visual effects studio Guava made its first foray into effects for feature films with CASPERS SCARE SCHOOL, an entirely CG movie finished in HD that premiered Oct. 20 on Cartoon Network.

Guava vfx supervisor Alex Catchpoole completed 20 shots for the movie, including adding smoke to several shots, digitally re-lighting several scenes, and adding lens distortion and digital broken glass to a telescope shot.

The movie builds on the groundbreaking work the company completed on other non-commercial projects such as Radio City's SINATRA: HIS VOICE. HIS WORLD. HIS WAY., and the PIER AND OCEAN art installation piece currently in MOMA's permanent collection.

New York-based visual effects company Guava ( was established for creative artists and producers to make striking images using the most effective means. Guava's visual effects artists include Aron Baxter, Alex Catchpoole, Mark Wilhelm and Amber Wilson. Guavas 3D artists include Steve Takowski, Dave Bernkopf, Spyro Serbos and Adrian Graham.

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