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greenworks Releases Xfrog 4.1

Xfrog the number one selling organic modeling and animation tool for MAXON's CINEMA 4D from greenworks organic-software -- has been updated to version 4.1. The update includes new controls for shaping branches more naturally, enhanced modeling controls in general and faster screen updates.

"With these great new features, greenworks has made Xfrog even better," said MAXON product manager Marco Tillmann. "Since version 4, Xfrog integrates perfectly with CINEMA 4D. You can even combine it with CINEMA 4D's XPresso expressions editor to create amazing parameter driven organic effects such as, say, trees blowing in the wind, staircases, caterpillars or even abstract growing forms."

Key new features in Xfrog 4.1 include:

* Control over branches has been greatly extended: a new deviation object allows you to swiftly bend branches into natural shapes, and a node growth control has been added to the Phyllotaxis and Hydra objects to give control over the growth of subsequent branch objects.

* Screen redraw is up to 10 times faster. You can now model more interactively with improved visual feedback.

* Enhanced curve controls make it even easier to control all aspects of modeling such as the variation in branch thickness.

* At long last you can now import Xfrog models into CINEMA 4D as polygon models instead of as XFR files if you wish. This makes it easier and faster to work with the models in CINEMA 4D.

* The XfrogPlants Basic Library has been revamped to offer the most lifelike plants yet, and now includes the Xfrog files in addition to the CINEMA 4D files. You can load these Xfrog files into CINEMA 4D as a hierarchy of editable Xfrog 4 objects. Further, greenworks and MAXON offer 18 low-cost XfrogPlants libraries for use with Xfrog 4.1, comprising a total of more than 1,000 highly accurate plants.

Xfrog 4.1 is available for free to Xfrog 4 owners through authorized MAXON dealers or the MAXON shop ( The update also includes the new XfrogPlants Basic Library.

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