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Grasshorse Goes East

Los Angeles-based Grasshorse Technologies, Inc. announced its decision today to relocate and expand its services to the state of Iowa. The production company's decision comes in response to recent legislation providing tax incentives to attract the film industry, job diversity, and talent to the state.

"The Iowa Film, Television and Video Project Promotion Program (IFTVP) has created fertile ground for companies to relocate to Iowa. It lays the foundation for a very exciting and burgeoning industry," stated Stephen Jennings, co-president and founder of Grasshorse.

The transition to Iowa will occur over the next six months and will include expansion of Grasshorse's animation production studios to full-scale film production capabilities for 2D and 3D animation products. Grasshorse Animation, a division of Grasshorse Technologies, will continue to grow and service their animation production and visual effects clients, including Disney, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The company hopes to provide the Hollywood film industry with a viable and affordable American alternative to production services that are increasingly being fulfilled overseas due to economic and budgetary concerns.

Grasshorse Technologies, Inc. produces high-end animation for film studios, television networks, advertising agencies and production companies. Devoted to developing and producing state-of-the-art films, TV programs and commercials, they also support sustainability and green values with planet-friendly and society-supportive policies.