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Goviso Launches Online View and Approval Service

Press Release from Optix, Hamburg

Hamburg, September 17, 2009—Optix, Hamburg, has launched Goviso, an easy-to-use online service that allows artists, producers and customers in a production environment to share media and interact with each other.  According to Attila Levai, president of Optix, Hamburg, software installation is not required; Goviso runs inside any web browser with a current Flash player.

“Goviso lets users collaborate or work individually,” said Levai. “The aim is to keep the user productive and focused on his or her project.  It’s no longer necessary to send small video clips or attempt to describe revisions via email.”

Goviso allows the user to meet with his or her client or team members in real time and be certain everyone is on the same page and reference a specific frame in a video clip without skipping a beat. The service provides frame-accurate, synchronized video playback across all participants’ browsers regardless of their geographic location.

An invitation to anybody, anywhere in the world to the private Goviso online screening room allows participants to view full-screen, high-quality video. Notes and Whiteboard functionality allows attendees to annotate directly on top of the area within the video frame that is relevant for discussion.

Along with the video playback, Notes and Whiteboards are also shared in real-time with attendees. A single user can leave notes for others to “pick up” later.

Employing its built-in archive and asset management system, users can upload video clips to a Goviso project and compile different play-lists for different audiences.

“By facilitating the entire production process, Goviso allows users to focus on their project and forget about the time-consuming and often expensive task of distributing their moving pictures for view and approval,” stated Levai.

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AboutOptix Digital Pictures is a multi-disciplined, full-service post-production facility, with its head office located in Toronto, Canada and its affiliate located in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1996, Optix developed into a leading source for visual effects, animation and broadcast design services, expanding its portfolio to cover a wide range of project genres including, TV series, Feature Film, Documentary, Commercial, and Music Video.

As part of its commitment to providing integrated solutions for complex production needs, Optix continuously acquires the latest technologies in order to provide the highest level of quality and the most efficient workflow paths.

The boutique-style environment includes comfortable suites, cappuccino bars and lounge areas, designed to enhance the creative process while catering to the needs of production.

Emphasis is placed upon maintaining an impressive offering of editorial and artistic talent. The combination of creative individuals, with a solid team of service-oriented support staff, ensures that Optix clients achieve both an exceptional product and a wonderful post-production experience.

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