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Golden Age Premieres on Comedy Central's Motherload

Comedy Central has ordered 10 episodes of Augenblick Studios' GOLDEN AGE, the first adult animated series to be produced by a major television network for broadband. The series premiered May 8, 2006 and will show weekly on its broadband channel, Motherload (

This animated dark comedy reveals the shocking true stories of the worlds strangest cartoon characters. Each episode uses a blend of mixed media to satirize classic cartoons from the past.

The first episode, Marching Gumdrop, follows the scandalous career of Jerome, the gumdrop from the movie theater refreshment cartoons that played before movies in the 1950s.

GOLDEN AGE was created and directed by Aaron Augenblick at Augenblick Studios. Augenblick wrote the series with Tim Harrod and it features original music by Bradford Reed.

Augenblick Studios is an independent animation studio based in Brooklyn, New York. One of the first studios to embrace the use of Flash, Augenblick Studios has coupled beautifully crafted, hand-drawn animation with subversive content to create a brand new breed of adult cartoon.

Augenblick Studios is responsible for the animated content on MTV2's cult hit WONDER SHOWZEN, as well as the animation for Comedy Central's SHORTIES WATCHIN' SHORTIES.

Harrod is a staff writer for LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN. He was a writer for THE ONION for six years, garnering the 1999 Thurber Prize for American Humor for the Onion's New York Times-bestseller, OUR DUMB CENTURY. He was also a writer for THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN.

Reed is a member of King Missile III ("Detachable Penis, Jesus Was Way Cool) and was a regular musician for the Blue Man Group. Reed is the official musician of Augenblick Studios, scoring numerous projects throughout the years. He has also created music for Cartoon Network, Sundance Channel, NBC and Spike TV.

Augenblick began his professional career working at MTV Animation on such television shows as DARIA, CARTOON SUSHI and DOWNTOWN. In 1999, he founded Augenblick Studios ( The studio has produced a wide variety of works for television, film and the Internet. Clients include MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. In addition to commercial projects, Augenblick Studios has produced a string of critically acclaimed independent short films. RAMBLIN MAN (2000), DRUNKY (2001) and PLUGS MCGINNISS (2003) have been seen at film festivals throughout the world, including Annecy, South by Southwest, Florida and Slamdance.