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Going Underground 8

Going Underground 8Berlin, GermanySeptember 9-15, 2009Deadline: July 31, 2009

From September 9-15, 2009, the Berliner Fenster, in co-operation with interfilm Berlin, will run the eighth international short film festival for "ultra shorts" in Berlin's underground trains. On more than 4,000 monitors in Berlin subways, 1.6 million passengers turn into an underground movie audience for one week, and can vote for their favorite of the 14 films.

The three winning film makers will be rewarded with prizes of 3,000 Euros for first place, 2,000 Euros for second and 1,000 Euros for third.

In order to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, Going Underground has included an additional film category. The events of 1989, such as the peaceful revolution in the former GDR and other East European states triggered far reaching societal and political changes that carried way beyond the boundaries of Berlin and Europe. Reason enough for us, as a Berlin festival to jump on the memorial bandwagon and show five theme-related films during Going Underground 8, in each of Berlin's subway trains. Whether the films are inspired by personal recollections of historic events or are related to experiences in contemporary, united Berlin or Europe , the festival invites your film entries.

The winning film maker for this special competition will be rewarded with one prize of 2,000 Euros.

Entries for the competition may be no longer than 90 seconds, must be silent and free from extreme violence or obscene content.

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