Search form Inks Deal With Entertainment Rights, the Website that enables anyone -- advanced computer skills or not -- to create animations and connect with users from all over the world, has partnered with Entertainment Rights to bring the first licensed content to its website.

Through the deal, users will be able to write, create and animate their own UNDERDOG, RICHIE RICH and MR. MAGOO episodes beginning this September. will provide all the tools necessary to create your own unique animation, including character and graphic assets from these classic cartoons. Animators will also have the ability to combine UNDERDOG, RICHIE RICH and MR. MAGOO characters with other available characters, including celebrity and political avatars. For example, a user might create an animation where Underdog rescues a young Hollywood starlet from a crowd of paparazzi -- the possibilities are endless.

Once the animation is created, it can be embedded into social network sites or the URL can be sent to a friend who can view it on